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  • Right click on your uploaded partial and then select open link in new window and you get a new window where you can see this .......

    In other words your uploaded partial works fine Ken. No miracle I'm afraid. 😓 We have both been going over the same ground. It may not be winnable, but I will keep trying.

    You are not the only one suffering from sleep loss. I'm running on empty. I wake up in the small hours practically every morning hyper-ventilating and gasping for breath. It can take a whole hour of constantly spitting up muck before I can breathe normally again. I've given up with the quacks. They don't listen because they know best. Nothing they prescribe actually does anything that helps. 😕

  • A wise(acre) man once said - "Don't be afraid of Corona". And the multitudes replied, "You're f**king crazy".

  • Richard,

    Don't know your medical history and what you have been prescribed previously, but here is an article that may be of help.

  • >I wake up in the small hours practically every morning hyper-ventilating and gasping for breath. It can take a whole hour of constantly spitting up muck before I can breathe normally again.

    Is it because of the "muck", or does it actually feel like you are drowning (as opposed to choking) and the congestion is an aftereffect? I have been there (actually both theres) before, albeit without any real medical knowledge. 😉

  • Sorry I can't contribute to this medical discussion because that is ONE problem I don't have.

    P.S. Larry, you are a f**king genius!

  • Only a sometimes "stable genius".

  • First of all I'd like to thank Larry for winning #495. Nice one. It was stressing me out as I had got into the habit of focussing too exclusively on certain routes each time I replayed it. We've all been there. I may have done much the same today. I'm too tired to think half the time anyway. Secondly, had I written a description of my symptoms for Mr. and Mrs Duck at the Quackery it would have been practically identical to the document you took the trouble to find on my behalf. My sincere thanks for that. Likewise to Gregg for his contribution. I do get that water-boarding sensation some of the time. It is quite alarming as you've already discovered Gregg.

    The quacks have a tick-box approach to medical problems. Do you smoke or have you ever smoked is pretty near the top. The minute they tick that box they turn the page where the top box points immediately to asthma. There doesn't appear to be a box that says Listen to your patient. They skip immediately to We know best and set up a series of appointments with their asthma-nurse. She is a specialist. She has an in-depth knowledge of asthma on a par with The Donald's grasp of C 19. She reels off her spiel and ignores my contradiction that my problem is coming up from rather that going down to my lungs. She plays her ace card and dismisses me completely with, "How can it be? It's your windpipe". To keep me entertained in the interim, the quacks chuck even more antibiotics and steroids at me despite my protestations. They eventually agree to have my muck analysed but ignore my suggestion of testing for larger particles which I told them could be polluting my environment and are emanating from Fred Flintstone next door and his damned log-burner. What do I know? Above all else, I am grateful that these last four years of poor health an frustration have not made me cynical.

    Ken.... Get some sleep.

    Thanks guys.

  • I went out with a mate last night and had some beers and I slept fine. Isn't beer the answer to everything?

  • Whatever works for you is the answer to everything Ken. I once fell asleep in a pub for about a minutes I was told, but the following is hard to beat. During our first visit to Orkney we visited a pub in St. Margaret's Hope. A guy came in and asked the barmaid if it would be okay to have a kip. It was given the nod and he went and lay down on the long seat along the wall and promptly fell asleep. He didn't even buy a drink.

    I meant to say earlier on that I stopped smoking about 30 years ago.

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    I'm always envious of those people who can fall asleep anywhere...

    Did you mess with him and put his hand in warm water while he was sleeping?

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    No Ken. We were strangers. He was obviously a regular in that small village and there was practically nobody in anyway. Traditionally here if anyone fell asleep through drink they would be unlikely to have much pubic hair when they woke up. One eyebrow or half a moustache are other prime targets. Facial adornment with a permanent marker is common. The victims of any of those wouldn't even realise until after they'd got home.

    Your wee darling Eve Muirhead, our Curling skipper, was made an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours the other day.

  • >I do get that water-boarding sensation some of the time. It is quite alarming as you've already discovered Gregg.

    In my case, I went into the doctor (about a decade ago) for some unrelated medical intervention (for an injury), and the problem started that night, probably an adverse reaction to unusual substances in my body. I would wake up unable to breathe (which, of course, incites panic). After a few nights of this I went back to the doctor, who referred me to a specialist (who, alas, was not very clear nor confident in his diagnosis).

    I was told that I had some kind of acid reflux or GERD. The lay explanation was that acid escapes the esophagus and irritates the throat and vocal chords, and that can cause the airway to spasm and close in a drowning reaction (like dry drowning) due to liquid where it is not supposed to be. It happens more at night because the acid is not fighting gravity. He assured me that it was harmless and nothing to panic about, because in the worst case scenario, I would pass out and then the muscles would relax and breathing would resume normally. I assured him that if I were to pass out at the top of my stairway, it would most assuredly not be harmless.

    Anyway, I was prescribed an over-the-counter acid reducer, Omeprazole, which seemed to help. The symptoms had gotten worse, so the attacks were nightly, and sometimes also occurred while sitting at my desk. After a while the treatment took hold and the attacks became less frequent, and eventually stopped entirely (but that was after 9 months or so, as I recall). The Omeprazole was taken for a week or two, which treatment lasted for 3 months or something like that, and I took it for a few quarters after the attacks stopped, assuming that it was keeping them at bay. Then I read a study that said that use of "proton pump inhibitors" (PPIs), like Omeprazole, can cause cognitive impairment, so I stopped doing that. I have not had another attack in probably 7 or 8 years <knocking wood furiously>.

    I only share this in case any of it resonates with your situation. After I started treatment, I discovered that my mother had suffered the same exact problem. Interestingly, my aunt (a nurse) said that drinking seemed to help patients with the spasms, and I found that it actually worked for me, so I still, to this day, take a bottle of water upstairs and keep it at my bedside, just in case, and rarely go anywhere without a drink at hand.

  • I've used Omeprazole daily for years, so when I can't solve a PGS game now that is going to be my go-to excuse!

  • 496, 497 & 500 are my last losers. Btw, did we get through 501-600 yet?

  • Thanks for the additional advice and info guys. I do appreciate it.

  • Two of the three you posted look winnable Ken but they are still frustrating me. You're nearest. Give Larry a nudge. We are still mucking around with our un-won numbers in the 501 - 600 group.

  • #496 finally surrendered. #497 looks unwinnable. An 8H's is the first card in the stock and gets buried immediately by a king. The second 8H is already buried beneath another king. I'll waste a bit more time on it with zero optimism.

  • #500 has now been promoted to corporal ...... corporal punishment.

  • Richard and/or Larry, the first time I played 620, my score was 63/9. Subsequent tries have yielded nowhere close to that score. How about you guys?

  • It's winnable Ken. You were probably within a single move of winning it with your PB. Try from my advanced partial.


  • More losers from the 600 group:










  • Larry and I are well into the 800's now Ken.

    I hope that the saved games I'm attaching are complete and not just partials. Larry is our stats man. He'll maybe be able to fill in any I don't have.

  • Looks like Richard is on the ball. Here is the 600's unsolved list we managed to come up with.

  • Like the broken clock; correct twice each day. 😊

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    Don't even ask how I found myself playing the former loser now attached. Probably something to do with Ken enquiring about games in the 600's. He's getting the blame/credit anyway. Mike had nothing to do with it .... for once.


    Mystery solved. I thought I was playing #806, which I'm currently stuck on. I juxtaposed the digits.

  • #806 has been won. Not too difficult to get scores into the sixties, as the deal looks almost suicidally easy. Show her some respect or she will keep you at arm's length for quite some time. You'll enjoy the encounter. 😊

  • Richard, can you post a partial for 677? My max score is 55.

  • Didn't have one Ken. Playing it now and the attachment looks promising.

  • Sorry Ken, My brain must have gone on holiday and forgotten to tell me. Close but no cigar meantime.

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