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Corona .... (Not the virus)



  • Sounds like Ken is running 20.1.0, and what we call "the bug" is not permitted. Worryback is now allowed in the new version, so we can finagle a few more winners now and then.

    I did go back and also won #899 "conventionally".

  • Thanks (both of you guys)! I was running 18.0.0 I didn't realized how far behind I was. (I'm going to use it as my excuse why you guys won some many more games than me!)

    But I've updated the latest version and I'm good to go!

  • Glad that's sorted Ken. 😊 Both of my solutions should now work.

  • How about help with 899? I can get it to 66/16


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    Another one from a Larry group. I'll see how I get on. 😊

    Before I forget again, how is your Mum keeping Ken?

  • Doing good, Thanks for asking. Got her 2nd shot yesterday with no ill side effects.

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    Glad to hear it Ken. Thanks. 😊

    "Nice" Harry/Meghan photos should be in your in-box. Forward it to Mike.

  • Leave me out of it. 😀

  • Richard, do you have a partial for 945

  • You are still in a Larry group Ken. I'd rate this one as difficult.

  • GOT IT! THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  • And thanks for not sharing Harry/Megan.

  • You've got enough on your mind with the renovations, Mike! How's your ankle or was it your leg?

  • It's my leg. Kind of similar to what I did seven years ago. The top scrape is healing pretty well. Bu the bottom one is much larger and is causing trouble. But I have a very nice nurse coming in every day to change the dressing for me. It's something that I used to do myself. But it is just to difficult anymore. And the nurse is not my wife. 😀

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    You don't do things by halves do you Mike? I certainly didn't imagine your injuries to have been anything like as severe as this. Don't be in any hurry to get fully better. Milk it for all it's worth. A woman being really nice to you .... wow ! 😲

  • My nurse is really nice. My leg is doing better. I will have to have another injury so I can still have her coming to visit.

  • If Debbie reads what you posted Mike, she may well help you out with injury #2. 😲

  • No doubt. She has been trying to get rid of me anyway. Buying lots of candy for a diabetic. Really sneaky.☺️

  • My mom is doing the same to me, Mike. But she is even more diabolical. Since she doesn't get out, she's making me buy her candy, cookies, cake etc for her but she KNOWS that I can't resist it if it's in the house. What about you, Richard, do you have a sweet tooth?

  • I do Ken ..... (three words you should try and avoid). I eat sweets and candied popcorn and the odd muffin and cake. Chocolate upsets my bowel so I no longer eat that. Correction .... I try not to eat that, but Liz keeps getting boxes of chocolates from people, and as she only eats one or two of them I land up scoffing the rest. It's a curse. 😁

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    You and me both! I LOVE chocolate and cheese (not together) and every time I eat them, I am constipated for a week!

    (TMI, I know, Mike...)😏

  • Richard, how about a partial for 955? I can get to to 61/12

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    Sorry Ken,

    I only spotted your request a short time ago. Another from a Larry group. I found it quite tricky. The turning point was when I took the 9H from the waste pile (at the partial). The tableau one will look after itself later on.

  • Yep, that was definitely the key!

  • A bit late in the day to report an omission from the rules. As they currently stand, you are not permitted to play tableau cards into any empty spaces after the stock and waste piles are exhausted. The Hints regarding that are correct. ☺️

  • Partial for 978? THANKS!!

  • You are still in a Larry group Ken. We tend to play sets of 25 each.

    You will see that I worried back to compress the diamonds into less space.

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